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Emergency Services

1.Broken Dentures

Assessment: When dentures break, it is crucial to assess the extent of the damage. Identify if it's a minor crack, a significant break, or damage to specific components like clasps or teeth.

Immediate Response: In the case of a break, avoid attempting to fix it yourself with household adhesives. Instead, store the broken pieces safely and seek professional dental assistance promptly.

Dental Consultation: Schedule an appointment with your dentist to evaluate the damage. Dentists have the expertise and tools to assess the break and recommend appropriate repair or replacement options.

2.Emergency dentures

Definition: Emergency dentures are temporary prosthetics provided quickly to address immediate needs, such as after dental extractions or if existing dentures are irreparably damaged.

Same-Day Service: Some dental offices offer same-day denture services to provide patients with a quick solution during emergency situations.

Temporary Nature: Emergency dentures are not permanent solutions. They act as interim replacements until a more permanent and customized set can be designed.

3.Lost dentures

Search: If dentures are lost, begin by retracing your steps and thoroughly searching common places where they might be misplaced.

Contact Dentist: Inform your dentist immediately about the loss. They can advise on the next steps, which may involve creating a replacement set.

4.Spare dentures

Purpose:Spare dentures are additional sets created to serve as backups in case of emergencies, loss, or damage to the primary set.

Customization:Like primary dentures, spare sets are custom-made to ensure a proper fit and function. They are stored securely for use when needed.

5.Dentures after extractions

Immediate Dentures:In some cases, dentures are provided immediately after tooth extractions to ensure patients have teeth during the healing period.

Post-Extraction Adjustments: Dentures may require adjustments as the gum and bone tissues heal, ensuring a proper and comfortable fit.

Transition to Permanent Dentures: Once the healing process is complete, a more permanent set of dentures, tailored to the healed oral structures, may be recommended by the dentist.