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Metal Base dentures also known as Chrome and Vitallium Dentures can be the best option for you if you had the feeling of thick acrylic on the roof of mouth or Palate. Cobalt chromium is medically approved and relatively a light alloy metal. Dentures with metal plate are one of the strongest and most durable material that doesn’t irritates the gums and the teeth. As we inform all our patients’ everything is breakable, but we are yet to see any metal dentures broken in half. They are also usually very thin 0.6mm - 0.9mm compared to acrylic which is usually 2-3 mm thick in the palatal region to ensure its strength.


Cobalt chromium can be designed in several different shapes, this generally depends on the health and number of natural teeth.

Some of the most common designs are: -

Ring Design: - Open palate whereby only two thin straps of metals are used. Horseshoe design also known as minimal coverage on the palate with the thin strip of metal.

Lingual Plate: - this design is generally used for the Partial Lower Denture cases where thin plate of metal is placed behind the natural, it is usually not noticeable when a patient smiles or talk.

Lingual/ Kennedy Bar: - This type of design is usually a thicker version of metal bar that runs sub gingivally in the lingual aspect of the lower jaw (Below and behind the lower teeth)

However, from time to time depending on the number of natural teeth remaining, Clasps may be put on the Anterior Teeth to achieve retention and stability.

Most cases we aim to put the clasps on the posterior teeth (Back Teeth) to avoid any visibility.

If you think Metal base dentures could be an option for you? Speak with our Dentist and Clinical Dental Technician. We will provide first free exam and consult, and we will discuss the options in details and guide towards making the right choice.

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